Unification Planning

Planning for the unification of the programs and operations of the Child Development Center and Shirley G. Moore Lab School began in January 2019, with anticipated completion in the summer of 2021. Executive Vice President and Provost Karen Hanson and CEHD Dean Jean Quam jointly convened a multi-constituent Planning Workgroup to develop a unification plan, as well as a Parent-Faculty Advisory Team to provide input and feedback. In addition to administrators, teachers, and parents from both the CDC and SMLS, the planning and advisory groups include representation from the early childhood academic program, faculty with a research interest in the development of young children, representatives from CEHD, and a liaison to the provost's office. The collaborative programmatic planning will dovetail with collaborative facility planning led by University Services, which will update the CDC building to house the unified program.

As a result of this collaborative process, the Workgroup will make recommendations to be reviewed by CEHD Dean Quam, the executive vice president and provost, and the Institute of Child Development leader. Administrators of both the CDC and SMLS will be engaged throughout the process. 

January 16 presentation

 PDF icon CEHD Unified Program Planning Update (Presented 1-16-2020)

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This site will provide ongoing updates on the planning and program unification process to keep parents, staff, teachers, and other stakeholders informed about progress and ensure opportunities for input.

If you have questions about the Unified Program, please email unifiedprogram@umn.edu, and we will respond as soon as possible.


The Unified Program is one initiative of the Provost’s Child Care Planning for the Twin Cities Campus.

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