Unification Updates

Update from Rayla Allison, CEHD Chief of Operations

April 28, 2020

The Unified Program Planning Group is in the midst of merging the Parent-Family Handbooks for the half day program and full day program to form one Parent-Family Handbook. A final draft is hoped to be completed and ready for review by CEHD Dean Quam at the end of May. I would like to thank Sarah McKee, Associate Director of CDC, and Sheila Williams-Ridge for taking the lead on combining the two program's handbooks.

Unified Program Schematic Design

April 1, 2020

PDF icon View the Unified Program Schematic Design

Update from Rayla Allison, CEHD Chief of Operations

April 1, 2020

During this unprecedented time working remotely due to COVID-19, the Unified Program planning and building design continues and is on schedule. The two planning groups, Workgroup and Advisory Team, were combined to form the Unified Program Planning Group. The group meets via Zoom and will have three more meetings during the spring semester. Combining the two groups allows for greater efficiency in the planning process while providing stakeholders an opportunity to share their voice. The planning work is now focused on merging the policies and procedures of the full and half-day programs. The Unified Program Building is near completion of the schematic design with one more user group Zoom meeting this week. The next phase of the Unified Program Building is design development in which all of the details of the exterior and interior will be determined then shared with user groups for feedback.

Update from Obafemi Ogunleye, CEHD Assistant Project Manager

March 11, 2020

The unification process continues to move through our identified categories according to plan. Since the last update, the Planning Workgroup and Advisory Team have been combined to form a Unified Program Planning Group. This merger was established to streamline the unification planning process which was slowed by the time it took to meet and communicate between two separate groups. Going forward, the Unified Program Planning Group will meet to discuss the categories related to the new program and make recommendations to the Dean and Provost.

Documents that broadly describe key categories will continue to be drafted by sub-committee members. The Unified Program Planning Group will begin with discussing the following categories: Parents & Families, ECE Academic Program. To date, the documents that have been approved by the Dean and Provost are: the guiding curriculum principles, and mission & vision statement. The current documents that have been drafted and are in the process of being approved include: Research; Application & Enrollment; Outreach; Food Service. 

Dean Quam's message to the CDC and Lab School Community

February 6, 2020

Read Dean Quam's message to parents, teachers, and CEHD colleagues.


Unified Program Executive Director search announcement

February 6, 2020

The Unified Program has posted an Executive Director/Research Associate/Professor Contract Faculty position and it can be viewed here. To apply, follow the appropriate links below.

INTERNAL APPLICANTS https://hr.myu.umn.edu/jobs/int/335450

EXTERNAL APPLICANTS https://humanresources.umn.edu/content/find-job


Update from Rayla Allison, CEHD Chief of Operations

January 22, 2020

A parents update meeting was held January 16 to share the Unified Program planning process and the work by the Workgroup and Advisory Team. The CEHD Chief of Operations reviewed a PowerPoint presentation with the attending parents from the Shirley G. Moore Laboratory School and the Child Development Center to learn more about the detailed planning process approach to unify the two programs by August 2021. Also reviewed was completed, in-progress, and future work. A representative from the provost's office, both program's directors, and some staff attended the meeting, also sharing their insight into the work. Another parents update meeting will be held late spring. If you have questions about the material reviewed in the presentation, please email unifiedprogram@umn.edu.  

Read a summary of the Q&A session from the January 16 update meeting.


Update from Obafemi Ogunleye, CEHD Assistant Project Manager

December 11, 2019

As an assistant project manager for the College of Education and Human Development Dean’s Office, I have supported the facilitation of meetings between the Planning Workgroup and Advisory Team since the start of my tenure in September 2019. During this time, I have witnessed continuous progress being made on the unification of the two programs into one.

The Unified Planning Timeline has been a useful tool for staying on schedule and addressing the most critical topics in preparation for the opening of our unified program. During the month of December, we have focused on “Guiding Curriculum Principles”, “Research”, and “Application and Enrollment” as overarching categories. The collaboration between both groups (Planning Workgroup and Advisory Team) have led to in-depth discussions on specific issues that need to be considered. As a result, we have been able to identify what answers to issues we have within the group and where we may need to draw on outside consultation or expertise.


Update from Chelsey Gulsvig, CDC Area Coordinator and Advisory Team Member

November 13, 2019

Through reflection and discourse provided by the guidance under the Values from the Provost’s Child Care Advisory Committee report, the consultative committees are reviewing our current work on curriculum and guiding philosophies. We are creating and defining curriculum and structures that are evidence-based and meet or exceed national accreditation standards for early childhood education. 

The committees (comprised of faculty, researchers, parents and staff of CDC and SGMLS) are discussing ways to make a variety of evidence-based curricula and delivery models available to ensure diversity of choice based on respected theory and research that promote whole-child learning and development.


Update from Ann Bailey, Director of the Center for Early Education and Development

October 30, 2019

The Planning Workgroup has spent the past several months identifying, defining, and prioritizing the multitude of topics that need to be addressed related to the unified program. Along with our Parent-Faculty Advisory Team and university administration partners, we are carefully and comprehensively reviewing an entire early childhood framework that will guide the overall and day-to-day work of the unified program. This framework includes content areas such as curricula, philosophies, and guiding principles; research, policies and procedures, equipment and supplies, parents and families, personnel, and so much more. Many of the suggestions and choices made will be influenced by the collective commitment to meet and go beyond the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s accreditation standards and the state of Minnesota’s licensing standards. We look forward to sharing what we’re doing with all critical stakeholders and welcome questions and concerns you may have.


Update from Magn Wakeham, CDC Area Coordinator and Advisory Team Member

October 15, 2019

In December 2018 the Provost office announced the launch of a collaborative process to bring together the current Child Development Center and Shirley G. Moore Lab School into a new unified research-based academic program in CEHD. To support and help shape a detailed plan for the new unified program in this unification process there were two committees formed: The Planning Workgroup and the Parent-Faculty Advisory Team.

The Workgroup comprises of representatives of key partners: CEHD Dean’s Office, Child Development Center, Institute of Child Development and Shirley G. Moore Lab School, and the Center for Early Education and Development. The Parent-Faculty Advisory Team is made up of parents, teachers, and staff representatives from both the CDC and Lab School.

Working together, the two groups discuss topics such as mission, vision, and values; curricula philosophies and guiding principles; research; policies and procedures; application and enrollment; equipment and supplies; and a myriad of other topics. The two groups make suggestions to the CEHD Dean and Provost Office regarding unification planning. Together, these committees will help ensure that we achieve the goal of creating a new program that successfully incorporates the strengths of both existing programs. Continue to watch the blog for more information regarding workgroup meeting minutes, agendas, and information.